Package org.apache.maven.archetype.mojos

Class Summary
CleanMojo Deprecated.  
CrawlRepositoryMojo Crawl a Maven repository (filesystem, not HTTP) and creates a catalog file.
CreateArchetypeFromProjectMojo Creates an archetype project from the current project.
CreateProjectFromArchetypeMojo Generates a new project from an archetype, or updated the actual project if using a partial archetype.
HelpMojo Display help information on maven-archetype-plugin.
IntegrationTestMojo Execute the archetype integration tests, consisting in generating projects from the current archetype and optionally comparing generated projects with reference copy.
JarMojo Build a JAR from the current Archetype project.
MavenArchetypeMojo Deprecated. Please use the generate mojo instead.
UpdateLocalCatalogMojo Updates the local catalog

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