Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 0 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 12

org.apache.maven.doxia.module.fo.FoAggregateSink Line
make configurable 93
{$maxBodyWidth - 1.25}in 927
remove hard-coded settings 1076
org.apache.maven.doxia.module.fo.FoSink Line
add FOP compliance mode? 179
customize? 586
spacer rows 993
fop can't handle cell width 1027
fop can't handle cell width 1046
how to implement this otherwise? table-footer doesn't work because it has to be declared before table-body. 1146
make font configurable? 1637
org.apache.maven.doxia.module.fo.FoSinkTest Line
--No comment-- 183
remove 189