simpleType TFrame

Super Types
+--{}TFrame (restriction)

      The border attribute sets the thickness of the frame around the
      table. The default units are screen pixels.

      The frame attribute specifies which parts of the frame around
      the table should be rendered. The values are not the same as
      CALS to avoid a name clash with the valign attribute.
This component is not nillable.


('void' | 'above' | 'below' | 'hsides' | 'lhs' | 'rhs' | 'vsides' | 'box' | 'border')

<xs:simpleType name="TFrame">
<xs:restriction base="xs:token">
<xs:enumeration value="void"/>
<xs:enumeration value="above"/>
<xs:enumeration value="below"/>
<xs:enumeration value="hsides"/>
<xs:enumeration value="lhs"/>
<xs:enumeration value="rhs"/>
<xs:enumeration value="vsides"/>
<xs:enumeration value="box"/>
<xs:enumeration value="border"/>

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