JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Resolution By
  DOXIA-504 Update to latest Plexus Container Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-522 Make snippet macro less permissive of issues Fixed Robert Scholte
  DOXIA-523 Ampersands after hash in markdown link syntax are now throwing parse errors. Fixed Robert Scholte
  DOXIA-541 Document date() API as *last modified* or *created* date Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-543 maven-doxia-markdown fails in parallel builds Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-544 Set document tag on chapter header for FO format Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-546 DoxiaUtils#encodeId() produces invalid id Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-547 Upgrade to Maven Parent 30 Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-548 Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.0.24 Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-549 Deprecate and replace DoxiaUtils#byteToHex() with String#format() Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-550 Change behavior of HtmlTools#encodeId() Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-554 Parsing Markdown documents can hang site generation: switch parser from Pegdown to Flexmark Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-558 Upgrade to Commons Lang 3 Fixed Michael Osipov
  DOXIA-559 Doxia macro fails with markdown headers past level 4 Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-563 switch to Git Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-564 avoid numbering TOC entry and fix item numbering which has 2 dots Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-565 improve Doxia document descriptor documentation Fixed Hervé Boutemy
  DOXIA-566 Update dependences to latest version Fixed Hervé Boutemy