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The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 3 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 3

org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.archiver.SarUnArchiver Line
delete this class once the plexus maven plugin can merge a generated components.xml with an existing one. 27
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.format.FileFormatter Line
this test can be improved 96
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.format.ReaderFormatter Line
this test can be improved 49


Number of occurrences found in the code: 19

org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.DefaultAssemblyArchiver Line
this should accept gz and bz2 as well so we can skip over the switch 510
better handling 523
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.DefaultAssemblyArchiverTest Line
Re-implement these tests on the createArchiver(..) method. For now, they're no big loss. public void testConfigureArchiverFinalizers_ShouldDoNothingWhenNotSupportedByArchiver() { MockManager mm = new MockManager(); 426
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.ManifestCreationFinalizer Line
I'd really prefer to rewrite MavenArchiver as either a separate manifest creation utility (and to create an include pom.properties etc into another archiver), or an implementation of an archiver (the first is preferable). 57
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.phase.ModuleSetAssemblyPhase Line
Remove if using something like commons-lang instead. 76
The following should be moved into a shared component, cause this test is the same as in maven-enforce rules ReactorModuleConvergence. 254
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.archive.task.AddDependencySetsTaskTest Line
Find a better way of testing the project-stubbing behavior when a ProjectBuildingException takes place. 143
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.artifact.DefaultDependencyResolver Line
such a call in MavenMetadataSource too - packaging not really the intention of type 306
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.filter.ComponentsXmlArchiverFileFilter Line
use WriterFactory.newXmlWriter() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 130
use ReaderFactory.newXmlReader() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 216
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.format.ReflectionProperties Line
remove the try-catch block when ReflectionValueExtractor.evaluate() throws no more exceptions 77
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.interpolation.AssemblyInterpolator Line
Will this adequately detect cycles between prefixed property references and prefixed project references?? 107
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.io.DefaultAssemblyReader Line
use ReaderFactory.newXmlReader() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 235
use ReaderFactory.newXmlReader() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 270
use ReaderFactory.newXmlReader() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 315
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.mojos.AbstractAssemblyMojo Line
include dependencies marked for distribution under certain formats 452
how, might we plug this into an installer, such as NSIS? 453
Auto-generated method stub 702
org.apache.maven.plugin.assembly.utils.AssemblyFormatUtils Line
This is BAD! Accessors SHOULD NOT change the behavior of the object. [jdcasey; 16-Aug-1007] This is fixed in SVN, just waiting for it to pass out of legacy. 336