JIRA Report

 MCHANGES-276TracDownloader does not set issue key to ticket idDennis LundbergClosedFixed2012-03-29
 MCHANGES-293XML Parser error backtraces from, presumably, malformed JIRA responsesBenson MarguliesClosedFixed2012-11-19
 MCHANGES-299ClassNotFoundException when running jira-report using Maven 2.2.1Benson MarguliesClosedFixed2013-01-03
 MCHANGES-301Impossible to use ParameterBasedQuery in combination with JIRA authenticationDennis LundbergClosedFixed2013-01-03
 MCHANGES-302The REST API is always used when JIRA authentication is configuredDennis LundbergClosedFixed2013-01-03
 MCHANGES-46There is no link to the RSS feed of changes in the changes reportLukas TheusslClosedFixed2006-07-16
 MCHANGES-278Improved logging and exception messages to aid troubleshootingDennis LundbergClosedFixed2012-03-29
 MCHANGES-289Please add support for HTTP digest authentication to the 'trac-report' plugin. ClosedFixed2012-09-21
 MCHANGES-290Provide GitHub support for generate announcement reportOlivier LamyClosedFixed2012-09-30
 MCHANGES-295Remove need for numeric component ID's etc when using REST with JIRABenson MarguliesClosedFixed2012-11-21
 MCHANGES-300Make it possible to run the changes-check and changes-validate goals only once for a multi-module projectDennis LundbergClosedFixed2013-01-03