Generated Reports

This document provides an overview of the various reports that are automatically generated by Maven . Each report is briefly described below.


Plugin DocumentationThis report provides goals and parameters documentation of a plugin.
Surefire ReportReport on the test results of the project.
CheckstyleReport on coding style conventions.
PMD ReportVerification of coding rules.
CPD ReportDuplicate code detection.
Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java source code.
Test Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java test source code.
Tag ListReport on various tags found in the code.
JavaDocsJavaDoc API documentation.
Test JavaDocsTest JavaDoc API documentation.
FindBugs ReportGenerates a source code report with the FindBugs Library.
SonarQuality analysis dashboard.
L10n StatusThis report provides information about the completeness of localization.