JIRA Report

TypeKeySummaryByStatusResolutionFix Version
BugMDEPLOY-127Mark deploy plugin as @threadSafe for maven3Stephen ConnollyClosedFixed2.7
BugMDEPLOY-132Discrepancy between pom syntax for artifacts and deploy:deploy-file parametersBenson MarguliesClosedFixed2.7
New FeatureMDEPLOY-133Add a configurable parameter to allow retrying deploymentStephen ConnollyClosedFixed2.7
ImprovementMDEPLOY-134mvn deploy:deploy-file should allow to add an arbitrary number of attached artifacts not only sources and javadocStephen ConnollyClosedFixed2.7
BugMDEPLOY-136retryFailedDeploymentCount is actually just plain retry deploymentStephen ConnollyClosedFixed2.7
New FeatureMDEPLOY-137deploy:file Allow deployment of multiple side artifacts at the same time via the CLIStephen ConnollyClosedFixed2.7