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The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Total number of occurrences
@todo 9

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 9

org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.it.EclipsePluginMasterProjectIT Line
a know problem with this approach is that tests are running with the installed version of the plugin! Don't enable test in pom.xml at the moment or you will never be able to build. 62
should this be included? see MNG-514 173
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.EclipseOSGiManifestWriter Line
check if we should use system-dependent newlines or if eclipse prefers a common format 52
handle expanded plugins 241
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.wtp.EclipseWtpComponentWriter Line
is this really needed? 172
org.apache.maven.plugin.ide.AbstractIdeSupportMojo Line
a final report with the list of missingArtifacts? 701
org.apache.maven.plugin.ide.IdeUtils Line
there should be a better way to do this 241
there should be a better way to do this 261
there should be a better way to do this 281


Number of occurrences found in the code: 21

org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.BuildCommand Line
log warning about illegal key/value pair 151
log warning about unknown argument tag 156
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.EclipsePlugin Line
Why are we using project in some places, and executedProject in others?? 795
figure out how to merge if the same dir is specified twice with different in/exclude patterns. 1558
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.EclipseToMavenMojo Line
use WriterFactory.newXmlWriter() when plexus-utils is upgraded to 1.4.5+ 437
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.it.AbstractEclipsePluginIT Line
Work out how to use Plexus to obtain these values 895
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.it.EclipsePluginIT Line
disabling this test for now. See comments in MECLIPSE-185 - Bfox fail("Expected to receive a MojoExecutionException"); 360
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.osgiplugin.ExplodedPlugin Line
only accepts the cause as parameter in JDK 1.6+ 99
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.AbstractEclipseManifestWriter Line
if this really is an error, shouldn't we stop the build?? 278
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.EclipseAntExternalLaunchConfigurationWriter Line
return a list of MonitoredResources that encapsulate the resource locations - includes/excludes aren't supported so we need to just add the directories. 79
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.EclipseClasspathWriter Line
merge source dirs on output path+filtering to reduce <copy> tags for speed. 289
if (..magic property equals orderDependencies..) 349
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.EclipseProjectWriter Line
this entire element might be dropped if the comment is null. but as the maven1 eclipse plugin does it, it's better to be safe than sorry A eclipse developer might want to look at this. 175
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.EclipseWriterConfig Line
get the right comparator depending on orderDependencies={name,nearness..}; if none specified it could use a NullComparator to reduce the number of conditions that have to be checked 182
org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.writers.myeclipse.MyEclipseMetadataWriter Line
use maven final name 99
use maven final name 105
retrieve this from project configuration 114
org.apache.maven.plugin.ide.AbstractIdeSupportMojo Line
merge this with the missingSourceDependencies in a classifier based map? 467
org.apache.maven.plugin.ide.IdeUtils Line
This may cause ClassCastExceptions eventually, if the dom impls differ. 272
This may cause ClassCastExceptions eventually, if the dom impls differ. 594
This may cause ClassCastExceptions eventually, if the dom impls differ. 610