Selector Conditions

Starting with plugin version 1.4, some keys of the Invoker Properties can be used to skip individual projects based on the current JRE version of OS family as illustrated in the example below:

# build project if JRE version is 1.4 or higher, but exclude version 1.4.1 = 1.4+, !1.4.1

# build project if OS family is not Windows = !windows

The values of these keys are comma separated tokens. A token prefixed with "!" denotes an exclusion, otherwise it denotes an inclusion. A project is build if no exclusion matches and if no inclusions are given or at least one of them matches the current environment.

The tokens to describe JRE versions can be suffixed with "+" or "-". The table below shows how the different styles of version tokens translate to a version range:

Version Token Equivalent Version Range
1.5 [1.5,1.6)
1.5+ [1.5,)
1.5- (,1.5)

For the OS family, the tokens "windows", "unix" and "mac" are supported.