JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By Status Resolution Fix Version
  MJAVADOC-351 Javadoc:fix fixTags parameter doesn't support 'return' value Arnaud Heritier Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-371 Goals missing from overview page Dennis Lundberg Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-372 Index page should refer to Apache Maven for at least the first mention Dennis Lundberg Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-386 Documentation links to oracle web site are broken Herve Boutemy Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-394 javadoc is not found properly by default under Oracle's JDK 7+ on Mac OSX Herve Boutemy Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-398 Classes from build output directory can cause failure Michael Osipov Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-376 please add property 'maven.javadoc.classifier' Olivier Lamy Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-380 Add Maven version used to Created-By entry in manifest Anders Hammar Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-395 Add JDK8 support to maven-javadoc-plugin Herve Boutemy Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-403 MavenProject/MavenSession Injection as a paremeter instead as a component. Karl-Heinz Marbaise Closed Fixed 2.10
  MJAVADOC-369 New goals javadoc-no-fork and test-javadoc-no-fork which will not invoke generate-*-sources Mirko Friedenhagen Closed Fixed 2.10