When releasing from a parent POM, won't all its modules have the same release version and dev version as this parent?

Maven Release Plugin will prompt for each project's version.


How can I release a parent POM without releasing all its modules?

You need to pass the -N flag to Maven and configure the Release Plugin to pass the -N flag on its forked builds with the -Darguments flag.

Here's an example:

mvn -N -Darguments=-N release:prepare
mvn -N -Darguments=-N release:perform


Why is release:prepare failing when trying to tag with "svn: Path '...' does not exist in revision ..."

If the pom.xml has no scm-section but inherits one from its parent, the prepare goal will fail when trying to tag. The message will be something like:

svn: Path '...' does not exist in revision ...

To fix it, roll-back the release, add the scm section to the pom.xml, commit and retry the release.