Package org.apache.maven.plugins.release

Class Summary
AbstractReleaseMojo Base class with shared configuration.
BranchReleaseMojo Branch a project in SCM, using the same steps as the release:prepare goal, creating a branch instead of a tag.
CleanReleaseMojo Clean up after a release preparation.
HelpMojo Display help information on maven-release-plugin.
PerformReleaseMojo Perform a release from SCM, either from a specified tag, or the tag representing the previous release in the working copy created by release:prepare.
PrepareReleaseMojo Prepare for a release in SCM.
PrepareWithPomReleaseMojo Prepare for a release in SCM, fully resolving dependencies for the purpose of producing a "release POM".
RollbackReleaseMojo Rollback changes made by a previous release.
StageReleaseMojo Perform a release from SCM to a staging repository.
UpdateVersionsMojo Update the POM versions for a project.

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