Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Deprecated Work 2 @deprecated
FIXME Work 3 fixme, @fixme
Todo Work 3 todo, @todo

Each tag is detailed below:

Deprecated Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 2

org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.AbstractEarMojo Line
--No comment-- 114
org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.util.EarMavenArchiver Line
--No comment-- 66


Number of occurrences found in the code: 3

org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.AbstractEarModule Line
Should be checked first. 259
Should we use the mapping using outputFileNameMapping instead of doing this on our own? 331
org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.EarMojo Line
Shouldn't that result in a build failure!? 370

Todo Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 3

org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.AbstractXmlWriter Line
warn 82
org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.GenerateApplicationXmlMojo Line
Check if this is a good idea hard code that here? Better idea? 467
org.apache.maven.plugins.ear.stub.ArtifactTestStub Line
Auto-generated method stub 354