Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Deprecated Work 5 @deprecated
FIXME Work 0 fixme, @fixme
Todo Work 5 todo, @todo

Each tag is detailed below:

Deprecated Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 5

org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.Ejb3Module Line
ejb v3 is now properly handled by the standard ejb packaging type. use {@link EjbModule} instead 30
org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.JavaModule Line
the name JavaModule is really confusing since it targets a third party library, use {@link JarModule} instead 29
use {@link #JarModule} instead 37
use {@link JarModule} instead 48
org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.util.EarMavenArchiver Line
--No comment-- 66

Todo Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 5

org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.AbstractXmlWriter Line
warn 83
org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.EarMojo Line
This can be removed if we change to full unique identifiers in EAR (next major version!) 280
With the next major release the modules should be identified by a unique id instead of the the artifactId's only which means this check can be removed. http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MEAR-209 411
org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.output.FileNameMapping Line
it might be easier to use a token-based approach instead. 27
org.apache.maven.plugin.ear.stub.ArtifactTestStub Line
Auto-generated method stub 355