Creating artifact checksums

The Install Plugin can create integrity checksums (MD5, SHA-1) for the artifacts during installation. Checksums are cryptographic hash functions and are used to check the integrity of the associated file. This can be activated by setting the createChecksum parameter to true.

In the install:install goal.

mvn install -DcreateChecksum=true

In the install:install-file goal.

mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-install-plugin:2.5.2:install-file  -Dfile=path-to-your-artifact-jar \
                                                                              -DgroupId=your.groupId \
                                                                              -DartifactId=your-artifactId \
                                                                              -Dversion=version \
                                                                              -Dpackaging=jar \

Note: By using the fully qualified path of a goal, you're ensured to be using the preferred version of the maven-install-plugin. When using mvn install:install-file its version depends on its specification in the pom or the version of Apache Maven.