Filtering Document Descriptor

The document descriptor (aka src/site/pdf.xml) could be filtered by System properties, Maven project properties and some date properties.

Expression Samples Description
${JAVA_HOME} The JAVA_HOME environment value.
${} The project name as defined by the <name/> tag in pom.xml.
${project.developers[0].email} The email of the first developer as defined by the <developers/> tag in the pom.xml.
${date} The current date displayed in ISO-8601 format (i.e. yyyy-MM-dd), for instance 2009-06-22.
${time} The current time displayed in ISO-8601 format (i.e. HH:mm:ss'Z), for instance 12:26:48Z.
${dateTime} The current dateTime displayed in ISO-8601 format (i.e. yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z), for instance 2009-06-22T12:24:17Z.
${year} ${month} ${day} The single date informations.
${hour} ${minute} ${second} The single time informations.


For instance, if you have defined the following pom.xml and pdf.xml:


  <name>Your project</name>



<document xmlns=""

    <title>User guide of ${} version ${project.version}</title>

  <toc name="Table of Contents">

    <coverdate>${date}</coverdate> <!-- current date in ISO 8601 format -->
    <!-- <coverdate>${day}/${month}/${year}</coverdate> current date in French format -->

The title will be User guide of Your project version 1.0-SNAPSHOT and the author will be