JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By
Bug MPIR-348 Usage of HTTP in web site for git-scm.com resources cause redirects to HTTPS Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-349 Bad modules links in 'index/modules' reports when 'distributionManagement.site.url' comes from settings.xml Hervé Boutemy
Bug MPIR-359 Generated links for Mercurial SCM are broken Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-362 Dependency Management report doesn't exclude system scoped dependencies Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-365 Failed tests on Java 9 due to error with keytool plugin "keytool: not found" Karl Heinz Marbaise
Bug MPIR-370 Upgrade transitive BCEL to 6.2 to avoid org.apache.bcel.classfile.ClassFormatException Michael Osipov
Dependency upgrade MPIR-361 Upgrade parent to 31 Karl Heinz Marbaise
Dependency upgrade MPIR-363 Upgrade dependencies to latest versions Michael Osipov