Package org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ApacheLicenseResourceTransformer Prevents duplicate copies of the license
ApacheNoticeResourceTransformer Merges META-INF/NOTICE.TXT files.
AppendingTransformer A resource processor that appends content for a resource, separated by a newline.
ComponentsXmlResourceTransformer A resource processor that aggregates plexus components.xml files.
DontIncludeResourceTransformer A resource processor that prevents the inclusion of an arbitrary resource into the shaded JAR.
IncludeResourceTransformer A resource processor that allows the addition of an arbitrary file content into the shaded JAR.
ManifestResourceTransformer A resource processor that allows the arbitrary addition of attributes to the first MANIFEST.MF that is found in the set of JARs being processed, or to a newly created manifest for the shaded JAR.
PluginXmlResourceTransformer A resource processor that aggregates Maven plugin.xml files.
ServicesResourceTransformer Resources transformer that appends entries in META-INF/services resources into a single resource.
XmlAppendingTransformer Appends multiple occurrences of some XML file.

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