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@todo 7

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 7

org.apache.maven.artifact.manager.DefaultWagonManager Line
[BP] would be nice to configure this via plexus in some way 884
I'd rather not be setting this explicitly. 910
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.DefaultRepositoryMetadataManager Line
very primitive. Probably we can cache artifacts themselves in a central location, as well as reset the flag over time in a long running process. 54
share with DefaultPluginMappingManager. 296
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.RepositoryMetadata Line
not happy about the store method - they use "this" 30
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.SnapshotArtifactRepositoryMetadata Line
split instantiation (versioning, plugin mappings) from definition 30
org.apache.maven.artifact.transform.AbstractVersionTransformation Line
try and refactor to remove abstract methods - not particular happy about current design 41


Number of occurrences found in the code: 31

org.apache.maven.artifact.deployer.DefaultArtifactDeployer Line
would like to flush this, but the plugin metadata is added in advance, not as an install/deploy transformation This would avoid the need to merge and clear out the state during deployment artifact.getMetadataList().clear(); 88
org.apache.maven.artifact.installer.DefaultArtifactInstaller Line
use a file: wagon and the wagon manager? 64
would like to flush this, but the plugin metadata is added in advance, not as an install/deploy transformation This would avoid the need to merge and clear out the state during deployment artifact.getMetadataList().clear(); 81
org.apache.maven.artifact.manager.DefaultWagonManager Line
proxies, authentication and mirrors are via settings, and should come in via an alternate method - perhaps attached to ArtifactRepository before the method is called (so AR would be composed of WR, not inherit it) 80
this leaks the component in the public api - it is never released back to the container 106
configure these on the repository 203
shouldn't need a file intermediatary - improve wagon to take a stream 262
[BP]: The exception handling here needs some work 302
better excetpions - transfer failed is not enough? 391
configure on repository 413
this should be illegal in settings.xml 607
org.apache.maven.artifact.manager.StringWagon Line
Auto-generated method stub 94
org.apache.maven.artifact.manager.WagonString Line
Auto-generated method stub 112
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.DefaultArtifactRepositoryFactory Line
use settings? 33
this should be an if there are duplicates? 56
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.AbstractRepositoryMetadata Line
not sure that it should assume this, maybe the calls to addMetadata should pre-merge, then artifact replaces? 186
org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.DefaultRepositoryMetadataManager Line
[jc; 08-Nov-2005] revisit this for 2.1 suppressing logging to avoid logging this error twice. 122
[jdcasey] If this happens as a result of ResourceDoesNotExistException, what effect will it have on subsequent runs? Will the updateInterval come into play cleanly, or will this plug up the works?? 136
[jdcasey] what happens here when the system is offline, or there is a TransferFailedException ...and no metadata file is written? 159
currently this is first wins, but really we should take the latest by comparing either the snapshot timestamp, or some other timestamp later encoded into the metadata. 184
this needs to be repeated here so the merging doesn't interfere with the written metadata - we'd be much better having a pristine input, and an ongoing metadata for merging instead 186
this could be a lot nicer... should really be in the snapshot transformation? 217
I think this is incorrect (it results in localCopy set in a remote profile). Probably harmless so not removing at this point until full tests in place. 240
org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.ArtifactResolverTest Line
[failing test case]: throw and handle a more informative exception 286
org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.DebugResolutionListener Line
better way than static? this might hide messages in a reactor 89
org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.DefaultArtifactResolver Line
would prefer the snapshot transformation took care of this. Maybe we need a "shouldresolve" flag. 158
force should be passed to the wagon manager 192
this is simplistic 279
org.apache.maven.artifact.transform.AbstractVersionTransformation Line
also do this logging for other metadata? 82
figure out way to avoid duplicated message 83
org.apache.maven.artifact.transform.DefaultArtifactTransformationManager Line
this is a hack until plexus can fix the ordering of the arrays 40