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Number of occurrences found in the code: 8

this should probably be a component with some dynamic control of filtering39
it may be better for artifact.getFile() to throw it - perhaps it is a runtime exception?27
need to URL decode for spaces?231
not happy about the store method - they use "this"30
I think this is equiv. to exclusion set filter in maven-core31
Make this a checked exception, and modify the API of MavenProjectHelper. Currently, this modification would create compatibility problems for existing plugins.30
I would like to get rid of this. jvz.333
I think this exposes a design flaw in that the immutable and mutable parts of an artifact are in one class and should be split. ie scope, file, etc depend on the context of use, whereas everything else is immutable.42


Number of occurrences found in the code: 74

This is too early for build extensions, so maybe just remove it?53
configure this from bootstrap or scan lib104
Need a general way to inject standard properties180
optimize for the single project or no project225
completely separate local and remote artifact repositories31
not sure that it should assume this, maybe the calls to addMetadata should pre-merge, then artifact replaces?195
not sure that it should assume this, maybe the calls to addMetadata should pre-merge, then artifact replaces?202
Use the following two instead of manageArtifact86
Remove ResolutionListenerDM interface87
if it was null, we really need to go find them now... or is this taken care of by the ordering?201
what about wildcards? Just specifying groups? versions?53
this does not belong here.956
This whole method could probably removed by injecting lifeCyclePluginAnalyzer straight into client site.99
But for some reason the whole plexus appcontext refuses to start when I try this.100
The configuration for the lifecycle needs to be externalized so that I can use the annotations properly for the wiring and reference and external source for the lifecycle configuration.41
lifecycles being executed36
what runs in each phase37
plugins that need downloading38
project dependencies that need downloading39
unfortunately the plugins need to be downloaded in order to get the plugin.xml file. need to externalize this from the plugin archive.40
this will be the class that people get in IDEs to modify42
take repo mans into account as one may be aggregating prefixes of many638
collect at the root of the repository, read the one at the root, and fetch remote if something is missing or the user forces the issue639
From a concurrency perspective, this class is not good. The combination of mutable/immutable state is not nice38
From a concurrecy perspective, this class is not good. The combination of mutable/immutable state is not nice25
take repo mans into account as one may be aggregating prefixes of many239
collect at the root of the repository, read the one at the root, and fetch remote if something is missing or the user forces the issue240
Optimize; or maybe just rewrite the whole way aggregating mojos are being run.54
Consider throwing UnsupprtedSomething on hashCode/equals72
the antrun plugin has its own configurator, the only plugin that does. might need to think about how that works34
remove the coreArtifactFilterManager35
pluginDescriptor classRealm and artifacts are set as a side effect of this call, which is not nice.173
These two tests display a lack of symmetry with respect to the input which is a free form string and the mojo descriptor which comes back. All the free form parsing needs to be done somewhere else, this is really the function of the CLI, and then the pre-processing of that output still needs to be fed into a hinting process which helps flesh out the full specification of the plugin. The plugin manager should only deal in concrete terms -- all version finding mumbo jumbo is a customization to base functionality the plugin manager provides.104
turn an equivalent back on when the RR plugin is released.114
this will be the basis of the customizable lifecycle execution so need to figure this out quickly.139
used by the Enforcer plugin51
don't catch exception187
don't catch exception227
don't catch exception259
don't catch exception316
without #, this could just be an evaluate call...371
Copied from the DefaultInterpolator. We likely want to resurrect the PathTranslator or at least a similar component for re-usage415
Auto-generated method stub441
could the configuration be passed to lookup and the configurator known to plexus via the descriptor so that this method could entirely be handled by a plexus lookup?522
Find a way to use <relativePath/> here...it's tricky, because the moduleProject usually doesn't have a file associated with it yet.261
This is suboptimal. Without a cache in the project builder, rebuilding the parent chain currently causes O(n^2) parser invocations for an inheritance hierarchy of depth n.344
let the scope handler deal with this515
classpath check doesn't belong here - that's the other method533
let the scope handler deal with this536
let the scope handler deal with this560
this checking for file == null happens because the resolver has been confused about the root artifact or not. things like the stupid dummy artifact coming from surefire.578
classpath check doesn't belong here - that's the other method607
let the scope handler deal with this655
classpath check doesn't belong here - that's the other method672
let the scope handler deal with this675
let the scope handler deal with this699
let the scope handler deal with this728
classpath check doesn't belong here - that's the other method745
let the scope handler deal with this748
let the scope handler deal with this772
this should not be allowed to be null.843
!![jc; 28-jul-2005] check this; if we're using '-r' and there are aggregator tasks, this will result in weirdness.235
This prevents a cycle in the composition which shows us another problem we need to deal with.96
Not even sure this is really required as the project will be cached in the builder, we'll see this is currently the biggest hotspot180
shouldn't the versions be merged across relocations?663
restore these if it makes sense93
Auto-generated method stub111
Auto-generated method stub172
Auto-generated method stub292
This replacing shouldn't be necessary as user.home should be in the context of the container and thus the value would be interpolated by Plexus129
why is this using the context90
error reporting90
keep around?? */39
possibly move at least parts to a utility method or abstract implementation.78