Junit4 + Mockito

This provider requires Java 1.5 and generally uses Junit4 annotations and assertThat syntax with Hamcrest matchers.

The commands are written against an AccuRev interface and tested using Mockito.

AccuRevCommandLine then implements that interface and has its own tests to check the expected calls to accurev.

The various StreamConsumers that parse AccuRev output also have their own tests.

Watch out for issue between Eclipse and Sun compilers where generics can lead to unresolved symbols. Mostly this is factored out to the ScmFileMatcher class.

TCK Tests

AccuRev creates some challenges for the existing TCK tests.

  • AccuRev requires the client machine to be time synchronised with the server. If this is not the case the tck tests will almost certainly fail.
  • Logging in. Use *tckUrlPrefix* system property to specify "user/pass@host:port". To run tests using implicit (external) login set *tckAllowImpliedLogin*=true instead.
  • In setup (initRepo) a new depot is created with the appropriate files. This depot is named using System.currentTimeMillis() as part of the name to guarantee uniqueness. A depot is created for each individual test that is run.
  • You can't create a workspace in a subdirectory of another workspace. If the project itself is in AccuRev then this means the standard /target directory. Either configure maven to use a different build directory, or a set the *tckBaseDir* system property.
  • getWorkingCopy() etc.. are overriden as necessary so the checkout directory is prefixed with the depot name and tckBaseDir as above.
  • AccuRev has a 127 character limit on the workspace path so you need to make sure the tckBaseDir is not too deep in your filesystem.
  • We attempt to remove the created workspaces in teardown, but there's no guarantee. Depots can only be removed with a maintain command while the server is stopped so this is not attempted. Probably easiest to use a separate Accurev instance and periodically blow it away completely.
  • TckTagTest uses a fixed tag name "tag-test" but AccuRev needs unique stream names across the whole server. We use the "tagFormat" property to have stream names prefixed with the depot name

Eclipse TCK tests

  • Lookup error for ScmManager Plexus config needs to be available - either the maven-scm-managers-plexus must be on the class path and have generated resources or the maven-scm-managers-plexus jar for the current reference version must be available in the repository
  • No such SCMProvider - accurev Need to generate resources so the plexus config is on the classpath