Subversion Provider Model

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Element Type Description
configDirectory String Instructs Subversion to read configuration information from the specified directory instead of the default location.
useCygwinPath boolean Must be true if svn is a cygwin svn command.
Default value is: false.
cygwinMountPath String The cygwin mount path.
Default value is: /cygwin.
useNonInteractive boolean Switch off if you do not like to use --non-interactive e.g. on Leopard (see SCM-402).
Default value is: true.
useAuthCache boolean Switch on if you want to cache authentication credentials (Warning: this will overwrite existing authentication credentials on your working copy). If you don't change this, the command line option --no-auth-cache is used.
Default value is: false.
trustServerCert boolean Switch on to use svn command line option: --trust-server-cert.
Default value is: false.