Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Plugins list

The following Maven plugins are available in the sandbox, some of them because they are still in early development and others because they are no longer mantained:

Maven Abbot Plugin Abbot Tests
Maven Appserver Plugin A Maven plugin that can be used to install and control a J2EE application server instance.
Maven Ashkelon Plugin Publish javadoc to Ashkelon
Maven AspectWerkz Plugin AspectWerkz plugin
Cactus and JCoverage Integration Plugin Cactus and JCoverage Integration
Maven Caller Plugin Maven Caller plugin
Maven Castor Plugin Plexus Tools
Maven DocBook Plugin Convert docbook to xdoc
Maven Hibernate Plugin Work with Hibernate classes
Maven Integration Test Plugin Run JUnit integration tests
Maven J2EE Plugin J2EE tools
Maven JBoss Plugin JBoss plugin
Maven JBuilder Plugin JBuilder Plugin for Maven
Maven JCoverage Plugin This plugin provides coverage analysis of your source-code based on the open-source jcoverage tool.
Maven JDEE Plugin JDEE Plugin for Maven
Maven JDeveloper Plugin JDeveloper Plugin for Maven
Maven Jetty Plugin Run Jetty
Maven JNLP Plugin JNLP Plugin for Maven
Maven JUnitDoclet Plugin JUnitDoclet test generator
Maven Latex Plugin Produce HTML from latex
Maven Modello Plugin Wrapper for , a Data Model toolkit.
Maven Release Plugin Produce project release
Maven Repository Plugin Tools to work with the central repo
Maven Shell Plugin Shell Plugin for Maven
Maven Struts Plugin Work with struts jars
Maven TJDO Plugin Maven TJDO plugin
Maven Uberjar Plugin Uberjar packages your project as well as its dependencies into a single jar file. In addition, bootstrap code is added that enables a main class to be invoked by simply typing: java -jar your.jar
Maven VDoclet Plugin VDoclet plugin for Maven
Maven Webserver Plugin Manage web servers
Maven Webstart Plugin Maven Webstart Plugin
Maven Wizard Plugin Wizard for Maven