Using Maven JXR in Java

The cross-referencing API is pretty basic. You can generate xref for a given Java package or single Java source class. The whole generated file is xref'd by line number.

Transforming Java Packages

JXR handles several options like an input/output encoding. See the API for more information.

JXR jxr = new JXR();
jxr.setDest( "/target/jxr" );
jxr.setLog( new DummyLog() );

jxr.xref( Collections.singletonList( "/src/main/java/" ), "templateDir",
                                     "WindowsTitle", "DocTitle", "Bottom" );

Note: the templateDir is a directory with several Velocity templates. Maven JXR uses its own templates.

The generated JXR structure should be like the following:

 |- allclasses-frame.html
 |- index.html
 |- overview-frame.html
 |- overview-summary.html

Transforming a Single Java Source File

You can transform a single Java source file with the following:

File sourceFile = new File( "/src/main/java/" );

PackageManager packageManager = new PackageManager( new DummyLog(),
                                                    new FileManager() );
JavaCodeTransform codeTransform = new JavaCodeTransform( packageManager );

codeTransform.transform( sourceFile.getAbsolutePath(), "/target/jxr/Test.html",
                         Locale.ENGLISH, "ISO-8859-1", "ISO-8859-1", "", "" );