Generate JXR without duplicate execution of phase generate-sources and generate-test-sources.

  • The standard goals jxr and test-jxr invoke separate lifecyles generate-sources and generate-test-sources.
  • In a CI environment you now might execute something like mvn clean deploy site site-deploy.
  • During site build the standard reports will trigger generate-sources or generate-test-sources again, depending on your build this may take some time, because stuff like enforcer or generating stubs from a WDSL will be invoked again, which may lead to longer build times.
  • See JXR-143 as well.
  • As of version 3.1 two new reports are defined, jxr-no-fork and test-jxr-no-fork which will not trigger above phases a second time.
  • Configure this in your reporting section as follows:

    Note: These reports may not be used for aggregate reports.