JIRA Report

New FeatureDOXIA-387Add RandomAccessSinkFixedRobert Scholte
New FeatureDOXIA-426Markdown moduleFixedLukas Theussl
BugDOXIA-430FO: empty lines are not preserved in verbatim textFixedLukas Theussl
BugDOXIA-433Regression: Unicode characters not rendered in table cellsFixedLukas Theussl
BugDOXIA-437SWF macro generates HTML tags for params without closing signFixedLukas Theussl
BugDOXIA-444Doc for doxia docbook doesn't warn user that it's not in the site plugin by defaultFixedBenson Margulies
BugDOXIA-446XhtmlBaseSink: problems with xdoc source attributesFixedLukas Theussl
BugDOXIA-448Div class attribute replicated to nested h2 elementFixedLukas Theussl
ImprovementDOXIA-451Tweak Doxia Markdown module HTML to better matchFixedLukas Theussl
TaskDOXIA-465Move doxia-book and doxia-maven-plugin to Doxia ToolsFixedDennis Lundberg