JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Resolution By
New Feature DOXIA-569 Add Markdown Sink to be able to convert anything to Markdown Fixed Herve Boutemy
Improvement DOXIA-617 doxia-module-markdown: Add support for --- header section marks Fixed Herve Boutemy
Task DOXIA-678 Add missing elements in Xhtml5BaseParser Fixed Michael Osipov
Improvement DOXIA-679 Introduce Sink#tableRows(void) method Fixed Michael Osipov
Improvement DOXIA-680 Don't wrap elements in anchors Fixed Michael Osipov
Dependency upgrade DOXIA-681 Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.5.0 Fixed Michael Osipov
Improvement DOXIA-684 replace flexmark-all dependency with core + only the used extensions Fixed Herve Boutemy
Improvement DOXIA-685 Replace SinkEventAttributes#BOXED with #SOURCE to clearly separate between regular verbatim and verbatim source (code) Fixed Michael Osipov
Dependency upgrade DOXIA-686 Upgrade to Maven Parent 39 Fixed Michael Osipov
Improvement DOXIA-687 Introduce Sink#verbatim(void) method Fixed Michael Osipov
Task DOXIA-688 Remove empty alt attribute value on images which causes the browser not to render replacement icon Fixed Michael Osipov
Bug DOXIA-689 Restore incorrectly removed (HTML5) attributes Fixed Michael Osipov