What's new in 1.1?

This document describes the changes made to Maven Doxia between versions 1.0 and 1.1.

Notable New Features

  • Logging: added logging support with a new project called doxia-logging-api.
  • Sink API improvements: added a new SinkEventAttributes interface to handle attributes. The Sink interface has been updated to use this new interface. Added new methods for comments and unknown events to the Sink interface.
  • SinkFactory: all Sink implementations can be retrieved via a factory.
  • XSDs: created several XSDs, in particular for FML and Xdoc.
  • Tools: created some tools like a converter and a linkchecker to use Doxia outside of Maven.
  • New Sinks: for Confluence, XLS-FO and Twiki.
  • Applied a few modifications to the APT format.

The full list of changes for 1.1 can be found in our issue management system: 1.1 :: 1.1.1 :: 1.1.2 :: 1.1.3 :: 1.1.4

Binary Incompatibility

Please note that in version 1.1 a number of new methods were added to the Sink and SinkFactory APIs, which makes them binary incompatible with version 1.0.

However, maven reporting plugins have been kept binary compatible. If you are a Maven Plugin developer and you plan to switch to Doxia 1.1, please read this Maven Integration page to understand how to integrate correctly Doxia 1.1 with Maven.