Class RequireOS

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@Named("requireOS") public final class RequireOS extends AbstractStandardEnforcerRule
This rule checks that the OS is allowed by combinations of family, name, version and cpu architecture. The behavior is exactly the same as the Maven Os profile activation so the same values are allowed here.
Brian Fox
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public void execute() throws EnforcerRuleException
      Description copied from class: AbstractEnforcerRule
      This is the interface into the rule. This method should throw an exception containing a reason message if the rule fails the check. The plugin will then decide based on the fail flag and rule level if it should stop or just log the message as a warning.
      Specified by:
      execute in class AbstractEnforcerRule
      EnforcerRuleException - the enforcer rule exception
    • isAllowed

      public boolean isAllowed()
      Helper method to determine if the current OS is allowed based on the injected values for family, name, version and arch.
      true if the version is allowed.
    • allParamsEmpty

      public boolean allParamsEmpty()
      Helper method to check that at least one of family, name, version or arch is set.
      true if all parameters are empty.
    • isValidFamily

      public boolean isValidFamily(String theFamily)
      Helper method to check if the given family is in the following list:
      • dos
      • mac
      • netware
      • os/2
      • tandem
      • unix
      • windows
      • win9x
      • z/os
      • os/400
      Note: '!' is allowed at the beginning of the string and still considered valid.
      theFamily - the family to check.
      true if one of the valid families.
    • setArch

      public void setArch(String theArch)
      Sets the arch.
      theArch - the arch to set
    • setFamily

      public void setFamily(String theFamily)
      Sets the family.
      theFamily - the family to set
    • setName

      public void setName(String theName)
      Sets the name.
      theName - the name to set
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(String theVersion)
      Sets the version.
      theVersion - the version to set
    • setDisplay

      public void setDisplay(boolean display)
      display - The value for the display.
    • getCacheId

      public String getCacheId()
      Description copied from class: AbstractEnforcerRule
      If the rule is to be cached during session scope, whole executing of Maven build, this id is used as part of the key.

      Rule of the same class and the same cache id will be executed once.

      getCacheId in class AbstractEnforcerRule
      id to be used by the Enforcer to determine uniqueness of cache results. Return null disable cache of rule executing.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • setLog

      public void setLog(EnforcerLogger log)
      Used by EnforcerMojo to inject logger instance
      Specified by:
      setLog in interface EnforcerRuleBase
      log - an EnforcerLogger instance
    • getLog

      public EnforcerLogger getLog()
      Provide an EnforcerLogger instance for Rule

      NOTICE A logger is not available in constructors.

      an EnforcerLogger instance