About Maven-Indexer

Apache Maven Indexer (former Sonatype Nexus Indexer) is the defacto standard for producing indexes of Maven repositories. The Indexes are produced and consumed by all major tools in the ecosystem.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Maven :: Indexer Core Indexer Core contains the core support for indexing Maven repositories, searching them, publishing and consuming remotely published indexes.
Maven :: Indexer CLI Indexer CLI produces a CLI tool for indexing and publishing Maven repositories.
Maven :: Indexer Reader Indexer Reader is a dependency-less library that is able to read published (remote) index with incremental update support, making user able to integrate published Maven Indexes into any engine without depending on maven-indexer-core and its transitive dependencies.
Maven :: Indexer Examples This module contains Maven Indexer examples.