Class M2GavCalculator

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@Singleton @Named("maven2") public class M2GavCalculator extends Object implements GavCalculator
An M2 GavCalculator.
Jason van Zyl, Tamas Cservenak
  • Constructor Details

    • M2GavCalculator

      public M2GavCalculator()
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    • pathToGav

      public Gav pathToGav(String str)
      Description copied from interface: GavCalculator
      Calculates GAV from provided repository path. The path has to be absolute starting from repository root. If path represents a proper artifact path (conforming to given layout), GAV is "calculated" from it and is returned. If path represents some file that is not an artifact, but is part of the repository layout (like maven-metadata.xml), or in any other case it returns null.
      Specified by:
      pathToGav in interface GavCalculator
      str - the repository path
      Gav parsed from the path
    • gavToPath

      public String gavToPath(Gav gav)
      Description copied from interface: GavCalculator
      Reassembles the repository path from the supplied GAV. It will be an absolute path.
      Specified by:
      gavToPath in interface GavCalculator
      the path calculated from GAV, obeying current layout.
    • calculateArtifactName

      public String calculateArtifactName(Gav gav)