Interface IndexUpdater

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public interface IndexUpdater
An index updater provides functionality to update index for remote repositories using transfer format produced by the IndexPacker.

The following snippet shows how to update/download remote index:

   IndexingContext context = indexer.getIndexingContexts().get( indexId );
   Settings settings = embedder.getSettings();
   Proxy proxy = settings.getActiveProxy();
   ProxyInfo proxyInfo = null;
   if ( proxy != null )
       proxyInfo = new ProxyInfo();
       proxyInfo.setHost( proxy.getHost() );
       proxyInfo.setPort( proxy.getPort() );
       proxyInfo.setNonProxyHosts( proxy.getNonProxyHosts() );
       proxyInfo.setUserName( proxy.getUsername() );
       proxyInfo.setPassword( proxy.getPassword() );

   Date indexTime = updater.fetchAndUpdateIndex( context, transferListener, proxyInfo );
Jason van Zyl, Eugene Kuleshov