Class JarFileContentsIndexCreator

All Implemented Interfaces:
IndexCreator, LegacyDocumentUpdater

@Singleton @Named("jarContent") public class JarFileContentsIndexCreator extends AbstractIndexCreator implements LegacyDocumentUpdater
An index creator used to index Java class names from a Maven artifact (JAR, ZIP or WAR for now). Will open up the file and collect all the class names from it.
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    • ID

      public static final String ID
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      public static final IndexerField FLD_CLASSNAMES

      public static final IndexerField FLD_CLASSNAMES_KW
      NexusAnalyzer makes exception with this field only, to keep backward compatibility with old consumers of nexus-indexer. This field is here for "backward" compat only! The order is important too! FLD_CLASSNAMES must be registered BEFORE FLD_CLASSNAMES_KW!
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    • JarFileContentsIndexCreator

      public JarFileContentsIndexCreator()
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