JIRA Report

TypeKeySummaryByStatusResolutionFix Version
BugMPLUGIN-219Instantiate spelled wrong in annotationBenson MarguliesClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-220Can not use regex in @Parameter(defaultValue)Robert ScholteClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-222'Since' information is not shown on generated site (ANT Mojos)Olivier LamyClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-223HelpMojo is not extracted when using java-annotations extractorRobert ScholteClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-225Make MojoExecution available as Component compatible with Maven 2Herve BoutemyClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-227HelpMojo javadoc generated in "unnamed package"Herve BoutemyClosedFixed3.2
ImprovementMPLUGIN-229don't use Plexus' Xpp3 in generated HelpMojo to read XML files: XML parser in JDK is sufficientKristian RosenvoldClosedFixed3.2
ImprovementMPLUGIN-230sync help-goal with goal-report: Use 'User property' instead of 'Expression'Robert ScholteClosedFixed3.2
ImprovementMPLUGIN-231Switch to plugin annotations for the generated help-mojo if the Maven Plugin depends on maven-plugin-annotationsRobert ScholteClosedFixed3.2
BugMPLUGIN-232java-basic-annotations IT for maven-plugin-plugin fails with M2.2.1 due to a missing description-tag in the plugin-help.xmlRobert ScholteClosedFixed3.2