Interface ArtifactHandler

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public interface ArtifactHandler
An artifact handler defines for a dependency type, defined as Plexus role:
  • extension and classifier, to be able to download the file,
  • information on how to use the artifact: whether to add it to the classpath, or to take into account its dependencies.
Jason van Zyl
  • Field Details

    • ROLE

      static final String ROLE
  • Method Details

    • getExtension

      String getExtension()
      Get the file extension associated to the file represented by the dependency type.
      the file extension
    • getDirectory

      String getDirectory()
    • getClassifier

      String getClassifier()
      Get the classifier associated to the dependency type.
      the classifier
    • getPackaging

      String getPackaging()
    • isIncludesDependencies

      boolean isIncludesDependencies()
    • getLanguage

      String getLanguage()
    • isAddedToClasspath

      boolean isAddedToClasspath()