Interface ResolutionListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
DebugResolutionListener, WarningResolutionListener

public interface ResolutionListener
Listens to the resolution process and handles events.
Brett Porter
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  • Method Details

    • testArtifact

      void testArtifact(Artifact node)
    • startProcessChildren

      void startProcessChildren(Artifact artifact)
    • endProcessChildren

      void endProcessChildren(Artifact artifact)
    • includeArtifact

      void includeArtifact(Artifact artifact)
    • omitForNearer

      void omitForNearer(Artifact omitted, Artifact kept)
    • updateScope

      void updateScope(Artifact artifact, String scope)
    • manageArtifact

      @Deprecated void manageArtifact(Artifact artifact, Artifact replacement)
    • omitForCycle

      void omitForCycle(Artifact artifact)
    • updateScopeCurrentPom

      void updateScopeCurrentPom(Artifact artifact, String ignoredScope)
      This event means that the artifactScope has NOT been updated to a farther node artifactScope because current node is in the first level pom
      artifact - current node artifact, the one in the first level pom
      ignoredScope - artifactScope that was ignored because artifact was in first level pom
    • selectVersionFromRange

      void selectVersionFromRange(Artifact artifact)
    • restrictRange

      void restrictRange(Artifact artifact, Artifact replacement, VersionRange newRange)