Interface InputLocationTracker

All Known Implementing Classes:
Activation, ActivationFile, ActivationOS, ActivationProperty, BaseObject, Build, BuildBase, CiManagement, ConfigurationContainer, Contributor, Dependency, DependencyManagement, DeploymentRepository, Developer, DistributionManagement, Exclusion, Extension, FileSet, InputLocation, IssueManagement, License, MailingList, Model, ModelBase, Notifier, Organization, Parent, PatternSet, Plugin, PluginConfiguration, PluginContainer, PluginExecution, PluginManagement, Prerequisites, Profile, Relocation, Reporting, ReportPlugin, ReportSet, Repository, RepositoryBase, RepositoryPolicy, Resource, Scm, Site

public interface InputLocationTracker
Interface InputLocationTracker.
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  • Method Details

    • getLocation

      InputLocation getLocation(Object field)
      Gets the location of the specified field in the input source.
      field - The key of the field, must not be null.
      The location of the field in the input source or null if unknown.
    • setLocation

      void setLocation(Object field, InputLocation location)
      Sets the location of the specified field.
      field - The key of the field, must not be null.
      location - The location of the field, may be null.