Class DefaultModelPathTranslator

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@Named @Singleton public class DefaultModelPathTranslator extends Object implements ModelPathTranslator
Resolves relative paths within a model against a specific base directory.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultModelPathTranslator

      @Inject public DefaultModelPathTranslator(PathTranslator pathTranslator)
  • Method Details

    • alignToBaseDirectory

      public void alignToBaseDirectory(Model modelV3, File basedir, ModelBuildingRequest request)
      Description copied from interface: ModelPathTranslator
      Resolves the well-known paths of the specified model against the given base directory. Paths within plugin configuration are not processed.
      Specified by:
      alignToBaseDirectory in interface ModelPathTranslator
      modelV3 - The model whose paths should be resolved, may be null.
      basedir - The base directory to resolve relative paths against, may be null.
      request - The model building request that holds further settings, must not be null.