Class DefaultRuntimeInformation

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@Named @Singleton public class DefaultRuntimeInformation extends Object implements RuntimeInformation
Provides information about the current Maven runtime.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultRuntimeInformation

      @Inject public DefaultRuntimeInformation(org.eclipse.aether.version.VersionScheme versionScheme)
  • Method Details

    • getMavenVersion

      public String getMavenVersion()
      Description copied from interface: RuntimeInformation
      Retrieves the current Maven version, for example "3.0.2".
      Specified by:
      getMavenVersion in interface RuntimeInformation
      The current Maven version or an empty string if unknown, never null.
    • isMavenVersion

      public boolean isMavenVersion(String versionRange)
      Description copied from interface: RuntimeInformation
      Checks whether the current Maven runtime matches the specified version range. A version range can either use the usual mathematical syntax "[2.0.10,2.1.0),[3.0,)" or use a single version "2.2.1". The latter is a short form for "[2.2.1,)", i.e. denotes the minimum version required.
      Specified by:
      isMavenVersion in interface RuntimeInformation
      versionRange - The version range to match the current Maven runtime against, must not be null.
      true if the current Maven runtime matches the specified version range, false otherwise.