Interface BeanConfigurationValuePreprocessor

public interface BeanConfigurationValuePreprocessor
Preprocesses a value from a bean configuration before the bean configurator unmarshals it into a bean property. A common use case for such preprocessing is the evaluation of variables within the configuration value.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    preprocessValue(String value, Class<?> type)
    Preprocesses the specified bean configuration value.
  • Method Details

    • preprocessValue

      Object preprocessValue(String value, Class<?> type) throws BeanConfigurationException
      Preprocesses the specified bean configuration value. The optional type provided to this method is a hint (not a requirement) for the preprocessor to resolve the value to a compatible value or a (string) value than can be unmarshalled into that type. The preprocessor is not required to perform any type conversion but should rather filter out incompatible values from its result.
      value - The configuration value to preprocess, must not be null.
      type - The target type of the value, may be null.
      The processed configuration value or null if none.
      BeanConfigurationException - If an error occurred while preprocessing the value.