Class DefaultSuperPomProvider

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@Named @Singleton public class DefaultSuperPomProvider extends Object implements SuperPomProvider
Provides the super POM that all models implicitly inherit from.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultSuperPomProvider

      @Inject public DefaultSuperPomProvider(ModelProcessor modelProcessor)
  • Method Details

    • getSuperModel

      public Model getSuperModel(String version)
      Description copied from interface: SuperPomProvider
      Gets the super POM for the specified model version. The returned model is supposed to be read-only, i.e. if the caller intends to make updates to the model the return value must be cloned before updating to ensure the modifications don't affect future retrievals of the super POM.
      Specified by:
      getSuperModel in interface SuperPomProvider
      version - The model version to retrieve the super POM for (e.g. "4.0.0"), must not be null.
      The super POM, never null.