Package org.slf4j.impl

package org.slf4j.impl
  • Classes
    A proxy which enhances the MavenSimpleLogger with functionality to track whether a logging threshold is hit.
    LogFactory for Maven which can create a simple logger or one which, if set, fails the build on a severity threshold.
    Logger for Maven, that support colorization of levels and stacktraces.
    Utility for Maven to access Slf4j-Simple internals through package access.
    Simple implementation of Logger that sends all enabled log messages, for all defined loggers, to the console (System.err).
    This class holds configuration values for SimpleLogger.
    An implementation of ILoggerFactory which always returns SimpleLogger instances.
    SLF4J LoggerFactoryBinder implementation using MavenSimpleLogger.
    The binding of MarkerFactory class with an actual instance of IMarkerFactory is performed using information returned by this class.
    This implementation is bound to NOPMDCAdapter.