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Base class for artifact resolution exceptions.
Maven Artifact interface.
An artifact handler defines for a dependency type, defined as Plexus role: extension and classifier, to be able to download the file, information on how to use the artifact: whether to add it to the classpath, or to take into account its dependencies.
Contains metadata about an artifact, and methods to retrieve/store it from an artifact repository.
Abstraction of an artifact repository.
Describes a set of policies for a repository to use under certain conditions.
Describes an artifact version in terms of its components, converts it to/from a string and compares two versions.
Generic implementation of version comparison.
Indicates a cycle in the dependency graph.
Default implementation of artifact versioning.
Exception thrown when the identity of an artifact can not be established, e.g.
Occurs when a version is invalid.
Exception caused when one or more artifacts can not be resolved because they are not found in the local or remote repositories.
Occurs when ranges exclude each other and no valid value remains.
Problem storing the repository metadata in the local repository.
Describes a restriction in versioning.
Construct a version range from a specification.