Interface BuildResumptionDataRepository

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public interface BuildResumptionDataRepository
Instances of this interface retrieve and store data for the --resume / -r feature. This data is used to ensure newer builds of the same project, that have the -r command-line flag, skip successfully built projects during earlier invocations of Maven.
  • Method Details

    • persistResumptionData

      void persistResumptionData(MavenProject rootProject, BuildResumptionData buildResumptionData) throws BuildResumptionPersistenceException
      Persists any data needed to resume the build at a later point in time, using a new Maven invocation. This method may also decide it is not needed or meaningful to persist such data, and return false to indicate so.
      rootProject - The root project that is being built.
      buildResumptionData - Information needed to resume the build.
      BuildResumptionPersistenceException - When an error occurs while persisting data.
    • applyResumptionData

      void applyResumptionData(MavenExecutionRequest request, MavenProject rootProject)
      Uses previously stored resumption data to enrich an existing execution request.
      request - The execution request that will be enriched.
      rootProject - The root project that is being built.
    • removeResumptionData

      void removeResumptionData(MavenProject rootProject)
      Removes previously stored resumption data.
      rootProject - The root project that is being built.