Class ProjectSegment


public final class ProjectSegment extends Object
A build context that matches a Maven project to a given task segment, and the session to be used.

A note to the reader;

There are several issues/discussions regarding how "aggregator" plugins should be handled. Read for instance

In their current implementation they are "bolted" onto the lifecycle by separating them into TaskSegments. This class represents the execution context of one such task segment.

Wise voices have suggested that maybe aggregators shouldn't be bound to the ordinary lifecycle at all, in which case we wouldn't be needing this class at all ( and ProjectBuildList.getByTaskSegments). Or maybe they should be introduced in the calculation of the execution plan instead, which seems much nicer.

Additionally this class contains a clone of the MavenSession, which is *only* needed because it has as notion of a "current" project.

NOTE: This class is not part of any public api and can be changed or deleted without prior notice.