Interface DependencyResolutionResult

public interface DependencyResolutionResult
The result of a project dependency resolution.
  • Method Details

    • getDependencyGraph

      org.eclipse.aether.graph.DependencyNode getDependencyGraph()
      Gets the dependency graph of the project.
      The dependency graph or null if not available.
    • getDependencies

      List<org.eclipse.aether.graph.Dependency> getDependencies()
      Gets the transitive dependencies of the project that were not excluded by DependencyResolutionRequest.getResolutionFilter(). This list is a union of the results from getResolvedDependencies() and getUnresolvedDependencies().
      The transitive dependencies, never null.
    • getResolvedDependencies

      List<org.eclipse.aether.graph.Dependency> getResolvedDependencies()
      Gets the dependencies that were successfully resolved.
      The resolved dependencies, never null.
    • getUnresolvedDependencies

      List<org.eclipse.aether.graph.Dependency> getUnresolvedDependencies()
      Gets the dependencies that could not be resolved.
      The unresolved dependencies, never null.
    • getCollectionErrors

      List<Exception> getCollectionErrors()
      Gets the errors that occurred while building the dependency graph.
      The errors that occurred while building the dependency graph, never null.
    • getResolutionErrors

      List<Exception> getResolutionErrors(org.eclipse.aether.graph.Dependency dependency)
      Gets the errors that occurred while resolving the specified dependency.
      dependency - The dependency for which to retrieve the errors, must not be null.
      The resolution errors for the specified dependency, never null.