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    Base exception.
    Interface to allow Mojos to communicate with each others Mojos, other than project's source root and project's attachment.
    The plugin manager would pull the context out of the plugin container context, and populate it into the Mojo.
    This interface forms the contract required for Mojos to interact with the Maven infrastructure.
    It features an execute() method, which triggers the Mojo's build-process behavior, and can throw a MojoExecutionException or MojoFailureException if error conditions occur.
    Also included is the setLog(...) method, which simply allows Maven to inject a logging mechanism which will allow the Mojo to communicate to the outside world through standard Maven channels.
    An exception occurring during the execution of a plugin.
    Throwing this exception causes a "BUILD ERROR" message to be displayed.
    An exception occurring during the execution of a plugin (such as a compilation failure).
    Throwing this exception causes a "BUILD FAILURE" message to be displayed.