Class PrefixesRemoteRepositoryFilterSource

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@Singleton @Named("prefixes") public final class PrefixesRemoteRepositoryFilterSource extends RemoteRepositoryFilterSourceSupport
Remote repository filter source filtering on path prefixes. It is backed by a file that lists all allowed path prefixes from remote repository. Artifact that layout converted path (using remote repository layout) results in path with no corresponding prefix present in this file is filtered out.

The file can be authored manually: format is one prefix per line, comments starting with "#" (hash) and empty lines for structuring are supported, The "/" (slash) character is used as file separator. Some remote repositories and MRMs publish these kind of files, they can be downloaded from corresponding URLs.

The prefix file is expected on path "${basedir}/prefixes-${}.txt".

The prefixes file is once loaded and cached, so in-flight prefixes file change during component existence are not noticed.

Examples of published prefix files: