Uses of Package

Packages that use org.eclipse.aether.transfer
The primary API of the RepositorySystem and its functionality.
Support for downloads/uploads using remote repositories that have a URI-based content structure/layout.
The provisional interfaces defining the various subcomponents that implement the repository system.
The various sub components that collectively implement the repository system.
The contract to access artifacts/metadata in remote repositories.
The support infrastructure for repository connectors to apply checksum policies when validating the integrity of downloaded files.
The contract to locate URI-based resources using custom repository layouts.
The contract to download/upload URI-based resources using custom transport protocols.
A listener and various exception types dealing with the transfer of a resource between the local system and a remote repository.
Support for downloads that utilize the classpath as "remote" storage.
Support for downloads/uploads using the local filesystem as "remote" storage.
Support for downloads/uploads via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Support for downloads/uploads using Apache Maven Wagon.
Utilities to build repository and transfer listeners.