Global Sync Context for Maven Resolver

Note: This component is still considered to be experimental, use with caution!

The Global Sync Context Factory is Java global lock factory for Maven Resolver to provide a concurrent-safe access from a single Maven instance to the same local Maven repository.

For further details about the factory read the Javadoc.

Open Issues/Notes

  • It only works when dependency injection is used and not the bundled AetherModule or ServiceLocator (Maven uses dependency injection).
  • Usage from plugins has not been tested yet.
  • The furnace-maven-plugin does not work this implementation because it uses ServiceLocator instead of dependency injection.



  • Add/modify the following entries in ${maven.conf}/logging/
  • Now start a multithreaded Maven build on your project and you should see at least these lines:
    4626 [main] [TRACE] GlobalSyncContextFactory$GlobalSyncContext - Acquiring global...
    35318 [main] [TRACE] GlobalSyncContextFactory$GlobalSyncContext - Releasing global...